Within 50 minutes drive from Malaga, El Torcal is a fantastic surrounding for beautiful cycling tours through Andalucia. Especially if you want to visit Spain for a week and combine your trip with the beautiful cities, golfing, hiking or other nice activities of Andalucia. Don't forget to relax at our beautiful swimming pool with a good book or simply enjoy the panoramic view. We make it our mission to give you an unforgettable holiday experience.

Our Posada (Spanish for inn) is located at 714 meters in the ascent to the Torcal mountain which evokes sporting inspirations for many cyclists. The surroundings of La Posada is a beautiful mountain area with altitudes between 150 to 1,200 meters and has gradients up to 14%. In short enough challenge.  For this very reason, the Vuelta de España passes by this region every year.  There are a wide variety of routes in Andalucia available. You can download the routes for every smartphone (App) or bicycle computer (GPX). 

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Check and download cycling routes in Andalucia

Route 1: Antequera - Torcal (53km - 1311 hm)

Route 2: Malaga - Pizarra (111km - 1606 hm)

Route 3: Fuente - Almogia (57km - 1077 hm)

Route 4: Caminito del Rey (80km - 1741 hm)

Route 5: El Chorro - Casablanquilla (85km-1642hm)

Route 6: Colmenar (57 km - 1131 hm)

Route 7: La Joya - Valle Abdalajis (40km - 884hm)